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News: FTL: Advanced Edition announced

FTL: Advanced edition, a free expansion for the popular space strategy game FTL: Faster Than Light, was announced last night. The expansion adds a great deal of new content including new weapons, systems, drones, augments and enemies. Specifically, there it introduces a mind control system which temporarily turns your opponents into allies and a stun weapon which freezes the enemy crew. A new sector and som ...

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Call Of Duty: Ghosts

 The exciting new feature in one of the biggest gaming franchises takes the tried-and-tested method of story and game creation that many of the previous efforts did. Now, this is in no way a bad thing for many and they have added several new features which should allow for a more interesting and interactive experience.   In the near future...   Earth is kinetically bombarded by an American space station cal ...

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Game Review: Castles In The Sky

If there are those who still question, Whether games can be seen as art, I challenge you to play Castles in the Sky, It's a game which will melt your heart. You play as a little boy, Who grabs onto a red balloon, And is pulled up to the clouds, To see the sky, stars and moon. As you travel up and up, Words appear in the sky, A story is told in poetry, While you hop between clouds up high. The game is simple ...

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Fables: The Wolf Among Us

  Fables: The Wolf Among Us is the new episodic release from Telltale Games, the company that brought us The Walking Dead. Fans of Bill Willingham's popular comic series Fables (which I'd highly recommend reading), and  those who are unfamiliar with the franchise (as the game is set before the first issue of the comic series) will be able to get on board with this new interactive fiction game. The graphic a ...

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Game Preview: SUPERHOT

Some games are remembered for their gripping plots. Some for their incredible art style and some for their thrilling gameplay. Others still are remembered for their gimmick. SUPERHOT will be remembered for its gimmick. Not only because it's just a great idea, but because it works so well too. In SUPERHOT, time moves only when you move. When played like a normal first-person-shooter, it feels like a normal ( ...

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