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Album Review: As Blood Runs Black – Ground Zero

Artist: As Blood Runs Black Album:  Ground Zero Number of Tracks: 10 Release Date: 27th October 2014 Label: Standby Records Consisting of Chris Bartholomew providing the vocals, Greg Kirkpatrick on guitar, Dan Sugarman also on guitar, Nick Stewart slapping the bass and Hector 'Lech' DeSantiago pumping out the drums, As Blood Runs Black has had a mixed 2014. With a year involving some very high points, like ...

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Xbox One at E3

Microsoft kicked off this year's E3, and with the near constant delaying of the very best games we have been waiting for (some for nearly a year) I was starting to lose a bit of hope and felt somewhat despondent towards this years E3. I guess I was kind of half right. This year saw Microsoft open with a promise of the entire presentation being devoted to games. Unlike last years which saw them focus on the ...

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Titanfall – The Review (Xbox One)

Page One: The Basics: Story, Controls and Characters Page Two: The Details: Weapons, Page Three: Game Modes, Rating As many of you may know I have been waiting for Titanfall since the moment it was announced with bated breath. I was extremely excited because I, like many others, have been getting incredibly bored with every First-Person-Shooter (FPS). Titanfall proposed a solution to that problem. It gave u ...

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News: Report uncovers Steam’s hidden stats

For the past two months Ars Technica have been conducting a poll of the Steam user base. The results were published yesterday, revealing some interesting statistics concerning Steam's most popular games. Methodology isn't really a word which fills me with excitement when I hear it so I won't bore you with the various techniques Ars' employed to acquire these results. If you do happen to be interested in all ...

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News: Hotline Miami 2 trailer released

A new trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was released earlier today, you can watch it here. The trailer (which lasts just over a minute) doesn't appear reveal anything particularly novel about Wrong Number, in fact the biggest thought one may take away from it is that the sequel seems to be following very closely in its predecessor's footsteps. Not that this is a bad thing, not in the slightest. I wa ...

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