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Stirring Scores: My Top XV – I to V

The impact of sound often goes unnoticed in relation to film, but it is intrinsically linked and meticulously composed to match the images and enhance the emotion of the narrative. The undeniable power music has on emotion is something that never ceases to astound me. Entwined through nature a certain chord can provoke endless emotions, from terror, suspense and sorrow through to joy, excitement and elation ...

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Top TV: Rev.

Another beacon of hope keeping the flame of British comedy alight is BBC2’s Rev.. It stars its co-creator, Tom Hollander as the Reverend Adam Smallbone, an inner-city London Church of England priest. The show offers a depiction of a vicar that acts as juxtaposition to the clichéd portrayal of similar characters. Having gone through the working titles of The City Vicar and Handle with Prayer, the direction t ...

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Fab Film: Gravity

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity offers a lot of insight into the human condition throughout its duration and certainly takes its audience on a journey of survival and rebirth. Perhaps not as strenuous a journey as the protagonist, Ryan Stone, played spectacularly by Sandra Bullock, has to undergo and I have to say I would not recommend this film to anyone who cares about the state of their nails. The spectacular w ...

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Top TV: This Is England ’88

Shane Meadows This Is England ’88 was one of the most moving and emotional pieces of work on television in 2011. It caught up with the characters that featured in the original 2006 film This is England, and the previous series 2010 This Is England ’86. This series is set over three days, the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December 1988. We return to see how the repercussions of the events in '86 are still having th ...

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Video Review: The Way They Run – Between Wages

As a precursor to their October EP, Safe Haven, Swedish punk outfit, The Way They Run, released this video to accompany Between Wages, one of the four tracks that make the record. [youtube] The continuous slow-motion effect nicely complements the pace of The Way They Run’s sound. However, the composition as a whole doesn’t give the audience a great deal to look at, ...

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