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Collective Cool

The quiet yet powerfully influential presence of Pre-Fall has just about made its silently alluring mark on the fashion industry, perfectly positioned between the spring and fall shows. Providing clothes for women who feel a little more real and clothes that seem that much more believable; pre-fall is fast becoming the most convincingly irresistible second chapter to fashions most stylish book. There’s no p ...

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Sparkle and Shine

With Christmas about to come knocking at your door and undoubtedly the entire contents of your advent calendar completely devoured within the first three days of December; it only seems appropriate to pin down the key trends for the festive season and the New Year. It almost seems fitting that for the spring 2014 collections in September, designers offered looks and emerging trends that felt like a departur ...

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Switch Up

They are here, then they’re there and before you know it they have been just about everywhere. Fashion has become an almost game of somewhat musical chairs, with designers moving from one label to another and name sake labels being abandoned by their founders and seemingly loyal owners. Forgivably some of the latest changes amongst fashions most adored houses have been applauded and recognisably beneficial ...

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Everything In-between

You get Fall you get Spring and then you get everything in-between. What makes Pre-Fall that much more understandable and realistically consumable is how it appears just that little more paired down and a lot simpler. The pieces designers offer are more real and approachable.Perhaps the reason being that, taken from the ready-to-wear runway scene, the clothes don’t need that added something; the clothes spe ...

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Moving up the ranks

The new big players in the fashion game have slowly but surely earned their place on the fashion ladder, and now sit nice and high on the fashion ranks. It’s the perfect time for this new wave of fresh designers to sweep the stakes; customers are calling out for something new and entirely different and with the selection of new designers they have to choose from it is hard to find fault in any of these labe ...

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