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News: Humble Indie Bundle X released

The latest Humble Bundle, Humble Indie Bundle X, is now available to purchase. As ever you can pay as little (or as much if you're feeling generous) for the bundle, but paying at least $1 will get you Steam keys and beating the average (which at the time of writing rests at $5.46) will bag you too additional games. The games included in this bundle are: the memory-exploring point and click adventure To The ...

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The Eight Rules of Spelunky

The Eight Rules of Spelunky Spelunky is not an easy game. Your first few attempts are unlikely to last very long at all and it can be quite a frustrating experience at first. I've compiled this list in an attempt to aid people in this situation and provide a few tips which will hopefully help you be a more successful explorer! Rule 1: Do not anger the shopkeeper. As discussed in my previous Spelunky article ...

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News: DayZ standalone launches on Steam Early Access

The long awaited standalone version of multiplayer zombie-survival game DayZ is now available to download on Steam Early Access for £19.99. DayZ started out as a mod for Arma II and quickly gained a large following, with hundreds of thousands of people buying Arma II simply to play DayZ, and a standalone version was announced in August 2012. After several delays the game is finally here, but developers Bohe ...

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Games Which Deserve Love #6: Spelunky

It's an unfortunate truth that there are many angry, unreasonable, harsh people who inhabit this world. The shopkeepers in Spelunky are some of them. These guys are shotgun-wielding fiends who pop up from time to time to sell you their extortionate goods and just generally annoy you. They are ruthless and have a long memory. Seriously, don't mess with them. One wrong move and BAM - dead. It was during one o ...

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News: VGX Awards roundup

Last night saw this years Spike TV VGX (previously VGA) awards take place. The event has become the stage for big announcements over the past few years, often debuting trailers for highly anticipated games. So, what did 2013's event have to offer? Telltale Games stole most of the headlines announcing two brand new titles: Tales of the Borderlands and a Game of Thrones game. Tales of the Borderlands is an ep ...

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