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Studio Ghibli: Part Three – The Ones You Don’t Know

In part one we looked at Studio Ghibli's most famous work, whilst part two covered some of their less well known films. In this third and final part, we will go through some of the studio's most obscure productions; the ones you may never have even heard of before. Castle in the Sky Released in 1986, Castle in the Sky (re-titled Laputa: Castle in the Sky for its western release) was the first film to be off ...

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Studio Ghibli: Part Two – The Ones You Might Know

In part one we looked at the most well known of Studio Ghibli's creations; here in part two we will turn our attention to some not so well known Ghibli films, the ones you may have heard of but are less likely to have seen. Grave of the Fireflies  In 1988 Miyazaki gave us My Name is Totoro, in the same year Isao Takahata gave us Grave of the Fireflies (GOTF). That is where the similarities end. Aside from b ...

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Studio Ghibli: Part One – The Ones You Know

Studio Ghibli released their first film, Castle In The Sky, back in August 1986. Twenty-four years and nineteen films later, the Japanese animation giants have announced a halt in production following the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki, the director of much of Ghibli's most renowned work. It therefore seems like an appropriate time to take a retrospective look at some of the studio's work over the past two an ...

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News: Report uncovers Steam’s hidden stats

For the past two months Ars Technica have been conducting a poll of the Steam user base. The results were published yesterday, revealing some interesting statistics concerning Steam's most popular games. Methodology isn't really a word which fills me with excitement when I hear it so I won't bore you with the various techniques Ars' employed to acquire these results. If you do happen to be interested in all ...

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News: Hotline Miami 2 trailer released

A new trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number was released earlier today, you can watch it here. The trailer (which lasts just over a minute) doesn't appear reveal anything particularly novel about Wrong Number, in fact the biggest thought one may take away from it is that the sequel seems to be following very closely in its predecessor's footsteps. Not that this is a bad thing, not in the slightest. I wa ...

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