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International Hold Up: A Testament to WordPress

More and more each day, I am being shocked. Holdupnow has officially gone international! It's astounding that a blog of this size has even been noticed here in the UK, never mind by various places across the world. This is one case in which social media has succeeded. Some of the countries that holdupnow has been viewed by include: Australia, Iceland, the Philippines and the US among others. The fact that t ...

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The MoD Man

Fairly new to a business in which entire nations are affected, Oliver Hakin, an engineering technician apprentice, has given his time to answer questions about his life in the Ministry of Defence. Hakin’s started working for the MoD in 2010 although this was no easy feat. Upon seeing the apprenticeship scheme on the government’s website and sending off a CV, Hakin’s still had to perform an aptitude examinat ...

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McDonald’s Has Stopped Serving Under 18s

Haven't you heard? McDonald's isn't going to be serving happy meals any more! Perhaps this strikes you as outrageous news that didn't seem to heed a warning. Maybe you just thought that it was some kind of ludicrous joke, or you haven't even heard about this at all. Today, all over social networking sites there has been an 'official' notice from McDonald' shared. This notice specifies that the fast food gia ...

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Come Together: The Beatles And The Public

So hands up if you would like to join the magical mystery tour. My hands up. Personally, I'm a huge Beatles fan. I have to say I felt like I was the only one until recent times. The Beatles in my experience seem to be one of the few things I know to have a worldwide reputation, yet isn't outwardly listened to by many people. Don't worry folks, there is a happy ending to this story. So how can a band from th ...

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SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Cookson – My Eyes Were Blind

This song is the first original composition released by independent British musician - Jack Cookson. My Eyes Were Blind is an alternative acoustic-folk track which certainly adds to the appeal of the song as a whole. Upon first hearing this song I was pretty astounded at the quality, especially considering the fact that this isn't a huge established artist with professional recording opportunities. Jack Coo ...

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