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Women In Pornography: Grace & Annabel (Adult Content)

I was first introduced to Sex: The Annabel Chong Story  in the second year of my Film Studies degree in a week titled The Pornography Debates, part of the segment on gender representation. Now that I choose to write about gender in culture I regret not plunging myself into full engagement with the course; but despite my mental absence, I remember this documentary with trepidation. Grace Quek is a Singaporea ...

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Beauty That’s ‘Real’

“Love the skin you’re in!” “Real women, real beauty.” “Beauty at any size!” You’ll likely recognise the above phrases, which, rather than necessitating quotation, were plucked from my arse. I mean mind. (Bum/mind/waist-to-hip ratio; telling the difference is as hard as it is futile.) Such clichés are the mantras of the body-positive ‘movement’: a barrage of messages women have been receiving via advertising ...

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Modern Primate: Real Men Say Something

[youtube] This week I have been mostly: feeling grateful for Chris Menning of Modern Primate’s brand of dialectic. Unfortunately he doesn't publish on the Modern Primate blog any more, but you can still find him and his work via his Twitter: @straythenomad. He has a lot to say, both light-hearted and serious. Perfectly exempilfied in Modern Primate's strap-line: 't ...

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Navigating a Culture of Sexual Objectification

Navigating a culture of sexual objectification is something 52% of the population must do, daily. In fact, it’s something 100% of the population must do daily, but 48% (probably) don’t internalise it as self-image. Although…I’m sure there are tribes that never see any mainstream media, and people who don’t leave their houses or have a television or have the internet…. I promise I’m trying, Inclusion and Acc ...

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